Barangaroo: A Place to Celebrate….a place to trash?

Going, going….

That’s what the official website of the Barangaroo Delivery Authority says – a place to celebrate. The unexpectedly rich archaeological finds (previous blog entry) should be something to really celebrate. But now they are covered over, gone before they made any inroads into the minds of Sydneysiders. The   miracle of the preserved wharves and slip ways at Millers Point which delighted those few who saw them briefly on one open day in June have disappeared almost as soon as they came into view. Not destroyed, but not visible and not part of the plans for this brassy place.

These marvelous remnants of our shipping history can be reinstated, but the current spin says: ‘Opportunities to reinterpret the remnants of the sandstone retaining wall into the landscape of the Headland Park are currently being explored.’ Which means no commitment to anything.

If Sydneysiders don’t care then who cares? Sydney – a place to trash.

Posted on July 22, 2013 .